Developers representing the community becoming a international network helping each other.

Our mission

Our mission is to build and grow a community of creative healthy-minded individuals of different fields covering computer science, programming, social media marketing, photography, education and much more. Those who put personal developement and genuine kindness besides self-awareness and a healthy social lifestyle found the right place!

We genuinely believe that having a healthy mindset is much more than only eating healthy and working out. As individuals living in a continously and rapidly changing world it is necessary to build up the understanding and awareness that your mind is your only limitation in becoming a great person and building socially sustainable and world-changing projects.

mindsetmatters The number of developers and makers is increasing day by day but their focus primarily is and stays on software development. Due to that they neglect an even more important field of development: their personal development.

Being #devinitelyhealthy means to live a life on purpose and build a life you love. It roots down in a healthy lifestyle reflecting your mindset. Your #devinitelyhealthy mindset will transcend into everything you do and help you achieving a sustainable and happy life.

Join the #devinitelyhealthy community and help each other growing! Create content which you consider as #devinitelyhealthy and use our hashtag in your posts!